We started out in Pécs in 2004. The first four years of our existence were spent with dwelving into various forms of theater; we learnt, and experimented with various tools of acting and unlocked diverse layers of theatrical improvisation. We found the collective game to be beneficial for us.

Later, we tried to create a base for cultural civil collaboration in the city through open workshops. In 2007, leaving the walls of the theater, we initiated open creative workshops in abandoned factory buildings. As a result, this expanded the pool of artists working with the company.

The empty spaces led us to suburbs of Pécs, where we were faced with the experience which is still the guideline of our work. Poverty tangled with accumulating social problems called for action. It was now that the previously examined forms became filled with content.

Currently, the main field of our research is how to deal with social problems with the aid of art. In 2009 we founded the Prison Theatre of Pécs. We hold theater workshops in ÉFESZI Pécs, for moderately and severely mentally impaired adults. We carry out project activities with disadvantaged young people in the outskirts of Pécs.

Since our formation we were given space in Klára Leőwey Secondary School. Here, we lead a student theater workshop in French and Hungarian languages.

We organize trainings for actors, camps and open, creative workshops. With our performances we were invited to the Avignon Festival, to Berlin, Agadir, Ferrara and Moscow. We play in host theaters, festivals and other cultural events, schools, pubs, public places, factories, gardens. Calls for applications, corporate sponsorship and paid performances provide the financial background of our work.



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