First action:

Hungarian public life has been fully taken over by politics; it has been forced into a duality where real questions and dialogues have become redundant. We wish to puncture this wall. We wish to formulate thoughts, without any sense of political belonging and disregarding day-to-day politics, that generate real dialogues, without any sense of political belonging and disregarding day-to-day politics, Fear has gripped the country. We formulate independent thoughts only in small groups and in hushed tones, so we cannot know who else shares our views. The struggling layers of society has no voice, no medium. We wish to offer our art to serve this purpose.

We are preparing for the third election in 2014, (general, EP, municipal). Throughout the year, electoral posters have been filling our streets with lies. They penetrated and dirtied the cityscape with faces in whom people have lost all trust. It is a known fact that neither of them offer any true chocies. We have been forced into a game which pleases only a very select few. A trap. It doesn’t work. We don’t have a real choice. How can this knot be handled with a sense of humour? Simply so that we don’t lose our minds against it. How can we keep alive the values that are in true danger today in Hungary?

Quotes by Gáspár Miklós Tamás


„We have to keep repeating our commonplaces in a calm, but unyielding manner”.

„Our society is weak, it has suffered defeat and has been disarmed, but to know we may”:

„Equality means that the 4 million at the bottom have a right to eat, to switch on a lamp, to heat their home, to read, and at times, to take joy in life, in their children. This is a thought at all costs, not reality.”


We wish to bring this thought closer to reality; for this we see theater, game, and arts as suitable tools.

Our project calls for action. We wish to build, in the various strata of society, active groups who react to the happenings affecting them and their environments on a weekly or monthly basis. They act. For this we propose various forms of art, primarily theater. We call to play. First we will start in our own environment and will formulate thoughts we hold dear in various, easy-to-read actions. We inspire action; joint action. We call attention to the wounds inflicted on the body of democracy.

Following this, we will expand these circles and bring about new ones with various actors of the civil sphere, where the groups can create actions dealing with their own issues. What displeases us? Let our voices be heard. Let’s shout.

Generating a discussion around the joint/common thoughts has a creative energy: united we are braver. Maybe, following this path we can get to joint action. Our planned actions can reach a wider audience, can provoke and surprise. A medium such as this can bring about a true change: so that discussion of a common issue cannot be terminated by pointing out who belongs to which side, but we may look for real solutions, for compromises.


Üres Tér


Hol van valódi szükség a színházra?

Hogyan segíthet kapcsolatot teremteni másokkal és magunkkal?

Az Üres Tér Színházi Egyesület 2004 óta foglalkozik a kérdéssel.
A válaszkeresés során eljutottunk iskolákba, szegregált városrészekbe, hátrányos helyzetű fiatalokhoz, felnőttekhez és a börtönbe.
Most egy beszélgetés során szeretnénk megosztani tapasztalatainkat és meghívott vendégeinkkel tovább bővíteni ismereteinket a témában valamint megvitatni: mik a kilátásai egy “hasznos színháznak”.

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