“If theater can serve as a frame for societal analysis,
then society can become a frame for the theater, even more.” (Richard Schechner)

The project’s priority is to reflect the shifting cultural and political situations in Middle-Eastern European society using the toolset of theater for developement.


Preceding his times, Georg Büchner (1813-1837) chose abject poverty as the background for his drama. Currently in Hungary, this is an ever-deepening crisis situation, an acute social problem. As we speak, Hungary is the only country in the CEE region where poverty is growing, and has the EU’s second largest proportion of poor within the society : over 35%. He who sinks loses his voice. It is this background that serves as the ground of examination of one of the basic elements of human existence: violence.

 In the course of civilisational progress, we have been increasingly distanced from the cognizance and analysis of violence. Society uses the tool of suppression. Consumption and the entertainment industry merely serve to divert our attention from the graveness and the urgency of the problem. In the course of the performance  you may experience your own individual responses and those of society vis-á-vis the phenomenon of violence. The potential killer is there in all of us. It is but the whole sum of circumstances that decides whether we are ont he receiving or on the other side of the violent act.

The adaptation of the drama sketch Woyzeck was undertaken by Éva Bús. Our troupe – in keeping with the world of poverty – has chosen the tools of “poor theatre”, enabling direct, unbroken communication: we tell the story of Woyzeck without props and costumes; through the tools of acting alone.

 Co-creators: Miklós Kerner, Boldizsár Kőrösi, Márk Kőrösi, Felícia Zsinka, András Dávid


Salut c’est Miki

This year we tried to formulate who we are, where we stand. Everything is cool, great, mighty fine. Is it? A 30-minute theater piece in French and Hungarian. Nothing there, but the empty space and a human being, a secondary school studtent. Hi! I’m Miki. Critique of  society through the tools of „ppor theater”.

Winner of the Jury prize and the Audience award at FTLF. Next year we will showcase the piece int he international Festival of Festivals, to take place in Pécs. The piece was also invited to the Oradea Theater Festival (Romania).

Üres Tér


Hol van valódi szükség a színházra?

Hogyan segíthet kapcsolatot teremteni másokkal és magunkkal?

Az Üres Tér Színházi Egyesület 2004 óta foglalkozik a kérdéssel.
A válaszkeresés során eljutottunk iskolákba, szegregált városrészekbe, hátrányos helyzetű fiatalokhoz, felnőttekhez és a börtönbe.
Most egy beszélgetés során szeretnénk megosztani tapasztalatainkat és meghívott vendégeinkkel tovább bővíteni ismereteinket a témában valamint megvitatni: mik a kilátásai egy “hasznos színháznak”.

Várunk minden résztvevőt szeretettel május 16-án 18:00-kor
a Közös Ég Jurtában (cím: 7627 Pécs, Felsőgyükési út 31.)